Main Rules of Bet Acceptance

All rules by which bets are accepted. About: opening of an account, deposits/withdrawals and types of bets

We have the right to either decrease or increase the maximum bet and coefficients of these bets. You will not be able to place a bet bigger than the amount you currently have on your account. The amount of your bet will be deducted from your account once you place and confirm your bet. Once the bet is over, if it’s a winning one, the winning amount will be credited to your account.

We have the right to cancel your bet if you have provided us with false information that does not rely to you in any way. We also don’t accept any bets from underage people.

Types of Bets

There are multiple types of bets that we provide to our players, which are:

  • Single. Single bets require players to place bets on individual events, for example, a win of a certain player;
  • Express. Express bets are a combination of multiple Single bets. You can place bets on multiple individual events at once.

Acceptance of Bets During the Match

The Single bets we provide can be combined into one Express bet. Live bets, on the other hand, are accepted for both main and additional outcomes. Once the bet is placed, you will not be able to change it. We don’t take any responsibility in case you made a mistake while entering your bet amount. This also includes live bets.

Match Results, Date and Time of their Beginning

We do not take responsibility for inaccurate names of leagues/tournaments/championships, as well as duration of matches. It is in your right to use other third-party sources of information to clarify the exact dates. In case a player placed a bet on the outcome that he knows the result of, the bet will be canceled.

Right of Demand

A number of countries prohibit betting by law. As you will be using our website, you automatically accept the Agreement of 1win, which implies that we cannot guarantee any protection related to the usage of 1win in prohibited countries. We do not intend to provide you services that are against the law of your country. 

Opening of an Account

All players are required to have an account in order to have full access to our website and services. To open an account, players are required to complete a registration by providing your email address, first and last name, phone number etc. The username and password that you chose while registering will later be used to enter your account. 

We require our players to complete a verification process in order to provide better security, as well as allow withdrawals. In case you cannot provide documents that verify your identity, we have the right to block or suspend your account until you provide us with required documents. You confirm that when registering on the website, you indicate full and accurate information about yourself and in case any changes are made, you are obliged to make them immediately in your profile.


We require our players to provide only legit information, which means the name on your account registration must match the name on the credit card or other payment accounts used to deposit or withdraw money to/from your account balance.

The list of documents that we require our players to provide are:

  • Identity proof;
  • Address proof;
  • Copy of debit/credit card statement. 

Once you verify such information, you automatically allow us to disclose this information to third parties.

Username, password and security

Once you, as a player, open your account, it is entirely your responsibility to not share your username and password to any third party. You can restore your account by clicking the “Restore password” button in case you lost data that is required to log into your account. We may ask you to provide information that lets us confirm that you’re the owner of the account while restoring it.


When it comes to payments, we have the following requirements:

  • All the money that you deposit must be legit and not stolen or scammed;
  • You cannot refuse, deny or cancel any payments made that may be refunded to third parties;
  • We do not accept any funds on your account from third parties, be it your friend or partner. You are allowed to only make payments from your account, bank card or any other system. All your winnings will not be paid out if this rule is not followed;
  • You agree not to deny, cancel or terminate any transactions in your account. In addition, in each such case, you must refund or reimburse us for any unpaid funds, including any expenses we may incur in receiving deposits from you.